WAVE.tv is a digital sports media company that engages today's sports fans through a number of brands and social media accounts that cater to specific fandoms through a variety of content on digital platforms.

During my time working remotely for WAVE.tv, I was able to create custom digital graphics, social media templates, YouTube thumbnails, and more for a variety of the established WAVE.tv brands, including Jukes, Haymakers, Buckets, Slapshot, BreakAnklesDaily, & The Pump. 

I'm grateful to the design team of Joe Anderson, Trey Cahalan, and Brandon Edquist for supporting me and providing meaningful feedback throughout my time with WAVE.tv. And of course, thanks to Joe for letting me in the building (in a virtual sense, of course). 

I'm excited to share what I was able to create in my time there, and I wish nothing but the best to the entire WAVE.tv team and the incredible work they will continue to do. 

YouTube thumbnail template created for "The Pump"

Assorted YouTube thumbnail designs

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