As a 2020 graduate of the university, I was grateful to have had the opportunity to continue working with the PLNU athletics department to help create the schedule posters for their 2021 athletic seasons. 

This was an ongoing process due to the uncertainty surrounding said seasons. There were also no photoshoot images to work with, due to the pandemic, so action shots from the previous academic year were incorporated instead.

It was also important to me to create a system of typographic hierarchy in the schedules themselves, as I knew that each poster would need to be completed as soon as possible after the info was released, with not enough time to search for and insert every opponent's logo into the posters.

I designed these with a digital-first mindset, as there was no guarantee that people would be on the university campus to see printed posters, so I knew social media and web would be primary methods of communication regarding the schedules. Initial concepts and composition exploration began in November of 2020, and posters were completed as schedules were released throughout early 2021. 

Special thanks to Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, Danny Barnts.

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