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Project intended to imagine if NHL teams had an alternate uniform featuring the colors and design elements of their local American or Canadian football teams.
Anaheim Ducks / Carson (Los Angeles) Chargers
Arizona Coyotes / Arizona Cardinals
Boston Bruins / New England Patriots
Buffalo Sabres / Buffalo Bills
Calgary Flames / Calgary Stampeders
Carolina Hurricanes / Carolina Panthers
Chicago Blackhawks / Chicago Bears
Colorado Avalanche / Denver Broncos
Columbus Blue Jackets / Cincinnati Bengals
Columbus Blue Jackets / Cleveland Browns
Dallas Stars / Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Red Wings / Detroit Lions
Edmonton Oilers / Edmonton Eskimos
Florida Panthers / Miami Dolphins
Los Angeles Kings / Los Angeles Rams
Minnesota Wild / Minnesota Vikings
Montréal Canadiens / Montréal Alouettes
Nashville Predators / Tennessee Titans
New York Islanders / New York Jets
New York Rangers / New York Giants
Ottawa Senators / Ottawa Redblacks
Philadelphia Flyers / Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Penguins / Pittsburgh Steelers
San Jose Sharks / San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Blues / St. Louis Rams (RIP)
Tampa Bay Lightning / Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Toronto Maple Leafs / Toronto Argonauts
Vancouver Canucks / BC Lions
Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders / Vegas Golden Knights
Washington Capitals / Washington NFL
Winnipeg Jets / Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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